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Colon Cancer Symptoms In Women

Colorectal cancer is the third-leading cause of cancer deaths in women and men. When it's found early colon cancer can often be cured, but several colon cancer symptoms for women can be confused as being something else. “The symptoms of colon cancer are fairly universal to both women and men,” said colorectal surgeon Dipen Maun, MD, FACS, FACRS, at Franciscan Physician Network Colon & Rectal Specialists Indianapolis. “These include bleeding, weight loss, abdominal pain, change in bowel habits,

COVID, Schools And Your Child’s Health

As the school year gets underway across the United States, new data shows that coronavirus cases among children are climbing. Since the pandemic began, children have represented 14.8% of total cases, but for the week ending Aug. 26, that percentage jumped to 22.4% of total COVID-19 cases, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. With growing cases in the classroom, parents are left wondering how they can help their child stay healthy during an uncertain time.
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Caregiving During The Holidays

More than 6 in 10 of us experience increased stress and fatigue during the holidays. And when you’re already juggling the challenge of caregiving, that extra stress can beat you down. Caregiving brings a mix of emotions, on top of the physical stress. Resentment, disappointment, feeling down, grief or loneliness may be among the myriad of feelings stealing your holiday joy. If you're feeling more humbug than happy this holiday season, you can take steps to regain your holiday joy and reduce the post-holiday blues. Even before the busyness of the holiday season begins, you can learn to control more of your smaller stressors that sap your joy. And while this holiday season might not look like it did in years past, you can find comfort and joy even while caregiving. Holiday Stress When You're Caregiving: Caring For You And Your Loved Ones gives insights and strategies to help with:Stress management while caregivingTaking care of youHaving a healthy holiday seasonSimplifying the holidaysCultivating gratitudeManaging holiday expectationsEasing money stress from the holidaysHoliday celebrations involving your care recipientResetting after the holidays

Social Media Use: How Is It Affecting Teens?

As a parent of a middle schooler and high school student, I’m acutely aware of that digital device that seems to almost be surgically attached to my child’s hands. Smart phone adoption is up to 95 percent of teenagers, and nearly half (45%) of teens say they’re online on a near-constant basis, according to Pew Research Center’s 2018 study of U.S. teenagers. The resulting screen time and social media use can have an impact on teens’ physical and emotional health. It’s not just from personal comp

Holidays After Losing A Loved One

What do your holidays look like after your loved one has died? For my family, we’re discovering that. After losing my mother this spring, we are discovering what the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays look like despite the gaps in our hearts. Like for many people, the holidays magnified a sense of grief and loss. I began dreading the holidays months before they arrived. What should we do about Dad so he’s not alone? What do we say on the family Christmas letter (if we even send one)? Do we re

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